Long Division 2018 – Wakefield

Landed – A soundscape by people who have landed in Wakefield

Concept and live performance, Ali Bullivent with Jimmy Andrex, Sound artist, The Roar of the Electric Lion

Venues & Times:

Elizabethan Gallery/Trinity Walk 12:00

The Cathedral steps 12:45

The Ridings (outside TK Max) 13:30

The Art House 14:10

Ticket Required: Explorer

As part of our “Manifesto For A New Wakefield” project, we are proud to be commissioning Ali Bullivent to create a brand new project “Landed”. (See links below)

Ali - Long Division 2018 - alibullivent.co.uk

A spoken word, song and music soundscape inspired by stories, experiences and expectations of people who have found themselves in Wakefield originally from other lands. The piece will reflect world music percussion and word rhythm trends experienced by participants in their homelands alongside what may be experienced here. Our musical sound sphere is influenced by a myriad of forces from advertising to popular tunes to traditional sounds. “Landed’ aims to capture and reflect some of those musical narratives and perform them at gathering places on the streets of Wakefield.

Long Division 2018

Ali Bullivent & Friends

Download the flyer here