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Cloud 9 On Line - alibullivent.co.uk

‘Birdsong Soul Song’
Commissioned soundscape #CreativeChallenge2020, funded by Creative Wakefield WMDC.

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Our Song - alibullivent.co.uk

Singer/songwriter, Ali Bullivent, creates original music which celebrates the strength of individual spirit and draws inspiration from everyday people who overcome adversity. She also writes about artists, the environment and her own experiences and life journey.

Ali Bullivent – Limbo promo from Fly Girl Films on VimeoYou can now view the videos for whole song cycle ‘The Thin Seam’ here.

Ali Bullivent - alibullivent.co.uk‘Butterflies – the Wakefield Album’ is available on iTunes and Google play.




The Thin Seam - alibullivent.co.uk‘The Thin Seam’ – New EP is available on iTunes and Spotify.




‘What is Time’ supporting the campaign to save the livelihood of Filey Fishermen. Please sign the petition to challenge the outrageous proposals by the Environment Agency.