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Creativity, Arts and Healing

Find Your Voice! with Ali Bullivent
Wednesdays (by appointment) 11 Dec 2019, 8 Jan 2020, 12 Feb, 11 March, 8 April

One to one or small group sessions to find confidence in your singing voice. We will explore breath work, safe singing technique and pitching exercises to help you sing out loud without fear. Invaluable for anyone who wishes to join a choir but feels they need some preparatory support, wants to improve their skills, or just wishes to enjoy making music and see what they can achieve!

One to one or small group sessions to find confidence in your speaking voice. Using drama techniques we will explore ways that allow you to speak clearly and confidently, and encourage you to project your voice safely. This is useful in any number of situations including giving presentations, teaching, performance and developing the self you wish to present to the world.

Ali Bullivent is a professional performer and qualified teacher. She has worked for many years teaching voicework, singing and performing arts in FE and HE, Community Arts, private lessons, as a choral director, and working in theatre. She has a strong interest in the healing power of the voice and enabling others to explore and develop healthy voice technique.

£30 per hour individual lessons £40 per hour for 2 or more people.

Singing the Spiral with Ali Bullivent
Friday December 6th 7pm – 10pm £10 (including seasonal snacks and drinks.)

An advent soirée. Time to gather round the hearth with good company as we wait together for the light to return. Ali will perform beautiful winter songs inviting us all to join in with the musical merry making. Linda King will create an indoor spiral to walk symbolising finding the light within at this the darkest time of the year.

Wold Close is in South Cave, and is warm and welcoming space offering many possibilities. It is secluded and spacious yet within spitting distance of the A63 and Hull.

For details or to book please contact:
e-mail: tel: 07794 754222

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